Chemical name:

Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate


specialty products, specialty additives, surfactants, anionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

agrochemicals, crop protection & fertilizers, building & construction, concrete & mortar additives, drilling and tunneling, detergents, I&I cleaning, lubricants and functional fluids, hydraulic fluids, metallurgical industry, metalworking, mining & drilling, oil&gas extraction, oilfield, paints & coatings, textile industry


dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents


alkylbenzene sulphonates



CAS No.:

INCI: Sodium Dodecylobenzene Sulfonate


Anionic surfactant ABSNa 50 used as a component of liquid and powder washing and cleaning agents.


emulsifier wetting agent dispersing agent dispersant alkyl benzene sulfonate emulsion polymerization building & construction mining & drilling I&I cleaning cleaning metalworking hydraulic oil hydraulic fluid paints & coatings detergent agrochemicals crop protection textile anionic surfactant anionic
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