Chemical name:

Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates


polyurethanes, poliurethane systems

Markets and applications:

building & construction, insulation board, sandwich panels, refrigeration industry and household appliances, industrial coolers, refrigerators, transportation, refrigerated trucks


insulation, rigid foams, casting foams




PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o.

CAS No.:



Ekoprodur PM2233 (basic version) is a two-ingredient polyurethane system for the production of rigid foam with self-extinguishing properties. The product is most commonly used for the production of insulating panels and boards in forms (discontinuous production e.g. external doors) and insulation of refrigeration equipment operating at temperatures up to -40°C. Foamed system achieves density of min. 45 kg/m3, thus maintaining good stability for long periods of operation at temperatures up to 120°C. It allows processing with use of both low- and high-pressure foaming machines.

Alternative names:

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PU; PUR; (Hide)


polyurethane system rigid foam hard foam construction insulation panels insulation boards refrigeration counters refrigeration units ekoprodur
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