Chemical name:

Polynaphthalenesulfonate, sodium salt


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

building & construction, concrete & mortar additives, plasterboards & gypsum additives


fluidising agents, plasticizers, superplasticizers


naphthalene derivatives


PCC Rokita SA Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit

CAS No.:



Superplasticizers - naphthalene derivatives - are concrete and mortar admixtures with perfect workability and plasticizing effect. Due to their unique characteristic it is possible to get concrete with low water content keeping its performance. Furthemore, the initial strength is enhanced. Additionally naphthalene derivatives make concrete and mortar frost resistance up to -5 degrees Celsius. This product range is used as dispersing agent for the production of gypsum products as well as fluidizer for plasterboards production.

Alternative names:

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NSF; SNF; PNS; Naphthalene sulfonic acid, polymer with formaldehyde, sodium salt; Sodium salt of polymerized naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate; Sodium polynaphthalene sulphonate; Sodium poly[(naphthaleneformaldehyde)sulfonate]; Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde; Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid Formaldehyd; (Hide)


superplasticizer plasticizer concrete plasticizer fluidising agent fluidizer admixtures additives gypsum products concrete mortar plasterboars plasticizing workability viscosity reduction low temperatures concrete concrete mix ready-mix concrete precast concrete production of concrete raw materials for concrete additives production concrete admixture production of concrete admixtures naphthalene derivatives NSF
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