Chemical name:

4-dodecylphenol, branched


chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates

Markets and applications:

CASE, adhesives, coatings, fuel industry, lubricants and functional fluids, industrial lubricants, paints & coatings, raw materials and intermediates


raw materials & intermediates




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Dodecylphenol is a thick, viscous, light yellow liquid with a characteristic phenolic odour. It is a mixture of isomers containing mainly p-dodecylphenol. Dodecylphenol is very difficult to dissolve in water and is very soluble in aliphatic alcohols, ketones, esters and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Physicochemical properties of Dodecylphenol:

  • Boiling range: approx. 3200C - 3400C,
  • Density at 200C: approx. 0,94 g/cm3 ,
  • Flash point: approx: ok. 1600C,
  • Auto-ignition temperature: approx. 4000C,
  • Water solubility: 1 mg/dm3,
  • Color in Pt-Co scale: max 100.

Dodecylphenol is a semi-finished product in the manufacturing process.

Dodecylphenol is the product of alkylation of phenol with the propylene tetramer in the presence of acidic ion exchange resin as a catalyst. The post-reaction mixture is then subjected to deep vacuum distillation to isolate and purify dodecylphenol.

Dodecylphenol can be used, inter alia, for the production of additives for oils and lubricants. The addition of divalent cationic calcium, as well as barium or magnesium, and further sulfurization allow for the production of phenolate that has cleansing and antioxidant properties. Subsequent addition of calcium carbonate results in the final additions – overbased, sulfated phenolate that has a higher total base number (TBN). Products with high total base number (TBN) provide better cleansing ability and therefore, dodecylphenols are used to a greater extent than nonylphenol. The highest consumption of phenolates is observed in the production of marine grease, where high sulfur oil requires additives with a higher total base number. They are generally more preferred than other detergent additives such as sulfonates and salicylates. In addition, phenolates are used in oils for mining, industrial and metalworking machinery.

Another important use for Dodecylphenol is the production of dodecylphenol ethoxylates and dodecylphenol propoxylates. The average ethylene oxide chain for ethoxylated dodecylphenol is greater than nine moles of ethylene oxide per mole of alkylphenol. These compounds are mainly used as spray chemical adjuvants in agriculture. As emulsifiers in pesticide sprayers, they improve their properties such as spraying and better adhesion of the pesticide to the plant or soil surface. To a lesser extent, dodecylphenol ethoxylates are used as nonionic surfactants. Propoxylated dodecylphenol is a fuel additive (synthetic component of fuel additives that improves the fuel system, purity of the inlet valve, and reduces sedimentation in the combustion chamber in a gasoline engine). Dodecylphenol is mainly used as a semi-finished product for the preparation of various lubricants, as an semi-finished product for the preparation of fuel system cleaners and as a monomer of alkylphenol formaldehyde resins.

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Properties and applications:

  • used in the manufacture of additives for oils and lubricants
  • production of dodecylphenol ethoxylates used as agricultural spray adjuvants
  • used in the production of dodecylphenol propoxylates, which are synthetic components of fuel additives packets
  • used as a monomer in production of formaldehyde resins from alkylphenols
  • raw material for the production of surfactants
  • used in the epoxy resin industry

Alternative names:

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DDP; paradodecylofenol; p-dodecylphenol; dodecilfenol; p-dodecyl phenol; PDP; PDDP; Tetrapropenyl phenol; Phenol tetrapropylene; Phenol 4-dodecyl branched; 4-dodecylphenol; alkyl phenol; alkyl phenols; alkyl phenol derivative; (Hide)


dodecylphenol additives for engine fuels additives for lubricant oils
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