Chemical name:



chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates

Markets and applications:

agrochemicals, crop protection & fertilizers, I&I cleaning, pharmaceuticals, plastics, polymer additives, raw materials and intermediates


raw materials & intermediates, solvents


chlorine derivatives


PCC Rokita SA Chlorine Business Unit

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Chlorobenzene, also known as monochlorobenzene (MCB), is a colourless, volatile, water-insoluble liquid with a light, pleasant almond fragrance. It belongs to the family of organic halogen compounds, which is a large class of natural and synthetic chemical substances. These compounds contain one halogen atom or more (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine) combined with carbon atoms and other elements. Chlorobenzene is formed by the direct chlorination reaction of benzene.

Monochlorobenzene is widely used in the chemical industry. By paying particular attention to the production process and the use of high quality raw materials, the product generated at the chlorobenzene plant is characterised by very high quality parameters. The  obtained product is used for specialised pharmaceutical applications or advanced plastics (e.g., PPS). It also participates in the production of MDI and TDI isocyanates.

The use of chlorobenzene may be divided into 4 main segments:

  • agrochemicals,
  • advanced plastics (PPS),
  • solvents, paints, pigments, rubber,
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Monochlorobenzene as an intermediate is used in many organic syntheses, for example in the production of herbicides and pesticides, dyes or rubbers. MCB is also applied as a high-boiling-point solvent in industrial synthesis and in laboratories. It participates in the production of phenol and its derivatives.

Chlorobenzene is nitrated on a large scale, resulting in a mixture of 2- and 4-nitro chlorobenzenes, from which further 4-chloroaniline can be obtained. These compounds are used to produce pesticides and chlorhexidine (an antibacterial and antiseptic preparations) that also affects the control of weeds and grasses in vegetable crops.

Chlorobenzene is applied as an antioxidant gum additive and it is used in the manufacturing of polyaniline, a conductive polymer. In dyes industry it is used for indigo production.

Monochlorobenzene is also an important element in the production of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). In the pharmaceuticals industry it is used, among others, in paracetamol synthesis (paraaminoacetylphenol) or vitamin B6. The product plays a role in drug synthesis for epilepsy, thyroid, and liver cancer as well as osteoporosis medicine.

The product is offered in steel barrels (220kg), isotanks, road truck tanks, rail tanks.

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Properties and applications:

  • high purity of the product;
  • production of agrochemicals;
  • production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs);
  • raw material for the production of advanced plastics (PPS) and silicones;
  • solvents, paints, pigments, rubber;
  • production of isocyanates MDI and TDI;

Alternative names:

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benzene chloride; monochlorobenzene; phenyl chloride; chlorobenzol; MCB; (Hide)


monochlorobenzene phenyl chloride chlorobenzene benzene chloride MCB benzyl chloride
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